What We Do

We build bridges of hope for children in Thailand by providing food, clothing, and education. The education is three-fold. We teach them about Jesus, anti-trafficking methods, and tutor them in their regular school work.

We offer Thai coffee that is from the northern hill country in Thailand. A hill tribe cooperative processes the coffee using a fair trade model. The beans are 100% Arabica. They are organically grown in the shade.

We live a unique win-win-win business model. You get a life-changing cup of coffee! The hill tribes earn a fair market wage alternative to the opium trade, and the proceeds of the coffee go back to Thailand supporting our children.

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Enjoy a taste of Thailand with Hope Bridges Coffee. The beans are organically grown, fair traded, and a financial support to our children as well as to the farmers!

Our beans come from northern Thailand in the hill country and are processed by a hill tribe cooperative. So when you buy coffee from Hope Bridges it helps build bridges of hope for the hill tribe people as well as the children that we support.

“Hope Bridges coffee has ruined me for any other brand. I’ve subscribed for a year and it’s the richest, most flavorful coffee on top of supporting beautiful children. Drink great coffee and support a great cause!”     –Laretha Hulse

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