The first day of the Not For Sale Asian Pacific Forum on Human Trafficking brought out many new statistics and information on human trafficking for me and I’m guessing for others as well. What follows are some of those statistics and information.

Some of the most common forms of human trafficking.

  1. Sexual exploitation of girls ages 14 to 18
  2. Begging – young children boys and girls forced to beg
  3. Domestic help
  4. Boys forced labor on fishing boats
15 years ago the first law in Thailand was passed outlawing slavery.
Bishop Desmond Tutu’s video — HOPE, those that fight and speak out against human trafficking in all its ugly forms are the hope for the victims.


1 million women from South Korea are forced into sexual slavery; 1 million!


When people hear statistics for the second time they become numb to these statistics unless there are given practical steps to combat trafficking included.


The most important practical step that each individual can take.
  1. Perpetrators of trafficking – Pray against a spirit of greed.
  2. Customers of victims – Pray against a spirit of lust.
  3. Victims of trafficking – Pray against a spirit of bitterness and anger.
Don’t buy products that are manufactured on the backs of slaves!
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