Today we attended a conference, “Not For Sale,” An Asian Pacific Forum on Human Trafficking. Not For Sale is non-profit organization working to end modern day slavery and exploitation. The forum consisted of four sessions geared toward a specific topic in the area of human trafficking.
The first session entailed “Trafficking and the Challenge of Stateless Children, Migrant Laborers, and Public Justice Systems in Southeast Asia.”

The second session covered, “Implications of Trafficking and Slavery Upon Society and Faith Communities,” with an introductory video from Bishop Desmond Tutu on the importance of supporting the work of Not For Sale because of the importance of their mission.

The third session consisted of “Best Practices for Law Enforcement in Asia.” The final session we attended covered “Where does Global Responsibility End for Supply Chains?” The overall message of the day was that in order to eradicate slavery and exploitation, organizations must partner with one another and work together to achieve change. This is not a political or denominational problem, but one that requires all involved to come together as one.

What do you think the implications of trafficking are in the US and globally?