Day two of the forum was different than the first. Today we learned about Social Enterprise. This means creating business to help support our ministries and creates real jobs for those that have been trafficked. We also learned more about telling our stories. How do you tell your story?

I have asked Tara and Sharon to write a small bit on their take-away for the forum. Here are their replies.

For the second day of the forum on Human Trafficking/Exploitation I think, on a personal note, that it put everything together for me.  Over the course of 3-4 years I have been interested in human trafficking, but have not known where to start.  The subject is overwhelming.  After reading numerous books and scouring the various sites on the internet, I was even more overwhelmed.  Since attending the forum and talking with folks on the front lines of this movement, I have now narrowed down my interests and been able to develop an idea of where I would like to move forward too.  In a nutshell, one must pick an area and concentrate on it such as prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, etc., etc.  I feel that the forum gave me more purpose.

I came away from the forum realizing that there has to be forethought and study to be successful.  There also needs to be collaboration between organizations.  When we work together, the problem does not seem as overwhelming.

I think the idea of creating a social enterprise is very intriguing! I like the idea of having a business that supports HOB’s work. At the same time, helping those being trafficked with a real job that teaches them life skills, good work habits, ethics, and how to thrive in the work world. The questions that quickly come to mind are…

  1. What would that social enterprise look like?
  2. How would the Social Enterprise be funded?
  3. How would it be managed?
  4. Who would manage it?
  5. And on and on…

For me the forum was excellent and gave me a lot to process about how HOB fits into the trafficking mess. One thing for sure is that we are certainly working to prevent trafficking.

What will you do to prevent, intervene or care for trafficked people once they are free?