kids and me

This is a post from Rachelle. Part of her experience in Africa. I am thankful that she has ears to hear God’s call to Asia!

In 2012 I had the chance to experience firsthand what it is like to live with little but not only that live a different culture and different language. I was mocked and made fun of because of my faith and loving Jesus.

This is a glimpse of my time in Africa.

I have now lived in Africa for 21/2 months.  My heart breaks for all the darkest that is all around me.  I was at the market this afternoon and just stood there in prayer.  People were on their knees praying to a god that is not there.  I saw children running in the street with no shoes on and boys coming up to me begging for money.

The village I live in is a dark place.  There has never been any light in this
village until 21/2 months ago.  I have gone through a lot.

This week was the hardest for me.  It hit me this week that this is my home and
I am not just a guest anymore.  I am a friend, sister, daughter and a mother.
They may not know of the Lord yet, but he has put me in
this village out in the middle of the desert for a reason.

I pray every day for these beautiful people that is not just on a map to me anymore; they are on the map of my heart.

My life as I knew it will never be the same.  I have seen the unseen and the unwanted and I want them to see what I have seen.

I have the heart to go, and God has asked me to go.  So Zeb and I will be leaving on our vision trip to Thailand in October 2013 and hopefully returning as full time missionaries in October 2014. We at this point ask for your prayer and support in what God is doing in our lives.