This is a guest post by one of the hikers that went on the Hike for Hope a week ago yesterday.
This past Sunday, (the 21st of July) twenty-six adventurous folks, from age five to seventy-five, set out on a two-mile “Hike for Hope”, sponsored by the Hope Bridges organization.  We had a great time in Swope Park! Rachelle and Zeb Morlok, who later this year will be visiting the Thailand children’s homes supported by Hope Bridges, led the hike at a comfortable pace.

Hope Bridges works, not only to house and feed children in Thailand who are orphaned, abandoned, or trafficked, but also to help the communities where the children’s homes are located to develop their local economies.  The hope and prayer is for the economy to grow and benefit the local communities, then fewer families will abandon their children or allow the children to be trafficked for material gain.  This is a long-term, ongoing process requiring much prayer and sweat and tears, both within and without the community to obtain lasting benefits.

Back to the Hike for Hope report–everybody enjoyed the woods and drinking from their spiffy, new “Hope Bridges” water bottles; nobody had an accident or tripped on anything; and several of the kids and adults enjoyed a bit of impromptu rope climbing to boot.  The event raised a little over $200, and when my husband and I left, we heard several making plans to attend the next “Hike for Hope” event in early October.  We hope to see you there, too!

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