Kids Korner – Nong Tao

Dar, the new caretaker at Nong Tao, is settling in and is proving to be a great source of help and enthusiasm.  She has been tutoring children in their school work especially helping them with the Thai language.  By acquiring a better command of the Thai language it will allow them to be more successful in their school work.  Dar has been very active during worship including leading music and giving the sermon.

Thank you to those of you who sent funds to help meet her monthly salary.  It looks like between donations through Hope Bridges and a donor in Thailand Dar’s salary will be covered for the next few months.

Overall the children are doing well with the exception of one child that contracted Dengue fever and was hospitalized for five days.  To help prevent further cases of the fever the area round the home was sprayed to kill the mosquitos.

kid's corner

We continue to seek sponsors for our child sponsorship program, Bridges of Hope.  A $40 monthly donation helps provide food, clothing, health care and eduction for a child.  We have several children who have not been sponsored.  Click here to learn more about Bridges of Hope or to sign up to be a sponsor.

Peanut Butter Coffee

Peanut butter coffee? Really?

Yes! Really! Here’s the logic.

  1. Chocolate and peanut butter goes together.
  2. Chocolate and coffee goes to together.
  3. Therefore, peanut butter goes with coffee.

See the logic? Before you say yuck, try it! It is especially good with Hope Bridges Dark Roast coffee! You can get the Dark Roast in the Coffee Shop.

Kids Korner – Baan Mai

Baan Mai continues to be a positive Christian influence for the children at the home, neighbors and communities surrounding the home.  Approximately 20 neighbors have been coming to the children’s home for worship each Sunday.  The teens at the home have become an integral part of worship leading the congregation in music.  Malachi one of the caregivers is also the pastor of the small congregation.  Malachi also travels to the villages and communities near Baan Mai teaching and preaching the gospel.

Our employee, Sarah, makes two visits to the children’s home in Baan Mai twice a month during the school year bringing food and other supplies as needed, for example rain gear during the rainy season, which are provided for by your generous gifts. She also provides some tutoring, health information and anti-trafficking classes to these children.

We ask for prayers for Malachi’s safety as he travels teaching and preaching the gospel.  We also have learned that the teens are praying for funds to pay for several guitars which would enhance their worship time and we especially ask for prayers for several new believers in nearby Pya-ka-chay who recently came to Christ through Malachi’s preaching and teaching.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

If you’d like to help support our children with a donation you can do that here.