The season of rain was in full effect the day Kai Muk’s mother went into labor.  It was August 12, 2014, and the heavy rains caused the village roads to turn to mud, cutting off travel and access to healthcare.  Kai Muk was born that day, but her mother bled out and died giving birth.

In Kai Muk’s culture, many hill tribes believe that if a mother dies in birth, the infant is at fault and regarded as demon-possessed.  The baby is then placed underneath the mother’s body and left to die, and they are both then buried. 

In God’s great kindness, the caretakers at Baan Mai heard about Kai Muk and what was happening and went to see her right away.  The caretakers were able to convince Kai Muk’s father to let them adopt her, and when she was five days old they finally took her home with them.  She hadn’t been cared for at all up to that point; she was malnourished and hadn’t been given a bath, which meant she was still covered in blood from her birth.  She was barely alive then, but as you can see in the pictures Kai Muk is now a healthy and thriving little girl. 

Hope Bridges currently supports Kai Muk and thirty-one other children at Baan Mai. Please consider a gift to Hope Bridges and these children and be a part of growing them into strong, healthy adults!