Our Beginnings

a village being burnt to the ground.

a village being burnt to the ground.

Imagine a war-ravaged land where children witness the murder of their parents and the burning of their homes.  This land is Burma, and its people have touched my soul.

In August of 2008, Knox Church took its second mission trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I stayed very busy preaching and teaching. It was an enjoyable time and yet a little stressful. Preaching five sermons and leading two Bible studies tired me out, but on our last Friday in Chiang Mai we stopped by Partners Relief and the Development office. We met Steve, the founder of the organization. He fought back tears as he told us his story, and I myself was never the same. I could not stop thinking about what he told us: the Burmese army terrorizing their own people, raping women, and systematically killing many and using others as human land mind sweepers.

Tears stung my eyes right there in the Partners office as we listened to Steve talk.  At first I thought those tears were the result of exhaustion from a full week of preaching and teaching. However, as the days passed and the tears kept coming I realized God was telling me to go back and spend some time with Partners. I wasnt sure why God wanted me to do this, but I knew responding to His call is always important.

As this new journey unfolded, I blogged events in place of keeping a journal.  I left Kansas City on Friday, January 9, 2009, and returned on Tuesday, January 27, 2009; posting on my blog daily, with the exception of January 15th through January 20th when I was at a refugee camp on the Thai-Burma border.

You can download the journal in a PDF file here. This is a 17 MB file; it will open in a new window and may take some time to download.